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<Draggin Helmets> is a casual guild looking to boost its numbers. Our guild is level 13 and caters to all those people who want to experience all aspects of the game without feeling obligated to sacrifice parts of their RL. Our goal is to keep the friendly feeling of a small guild while having enough people in the guild to consistently participate in end game content.

 Who are we? We started as a tight knit group of friends who had been playing together since Vanilla. We aren’t on the cutting edge of progression or the top battleground guild, but we have a nice diversity of play styles and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

 Who are we looking for? We are openly recruiting for new members who will mesh well with our laid back, yet competitive guild atmosphere.

Friendliness, humor and good attitude all go a long way. We all have RL obligations and attendance in guild events is never mandatory. We’re accepting all classes and specs. We currently would like to recruit more Tanks, Healers, and DPS so that we can start fielding a 10 man raid group each week.

 Solid play, contributions to fellow guildies, and leadership will be rewarded with promotions and perks. Guild members are encouraged to plan, schedule and run events that they want to participate in and think others will enjoy as well.

 Disagreements happen sometimes, but you’ll be expected to resolve these in a discreet and civil fashion when they do arise. Players who exhibit rudeness and intolerance, complain about loot, beg for hand holding, and flame others for any reason will not last long in our guild.

 While we will accept toons of all levels, you should have at least one level 85 character to be able to participate in guild events. We are not a parking lot for alts, so please plan to play the toons that are accepted into our guild regularly.

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Kubaal, Jun 8, 11 10:45 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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